Monday, 24 September 2012

Breaking news

Damian Lewis, Claire Danes and 'The Homeland' won the Emmys! Woo-hoo! I just love that show, it's all American patriotic bs on the one hand, I know, but it is all dark and troubled and moody and dramatic on the other, and both Damian Lewis's and Claire's characters are amazing. It also means that 'Mad Men' have finally been ousted from the top spot after four consecutive years - that should speak about the quality of 'Homeland' for sure.

Plus, it helps that Mr. Lewis is easy on the eyes.

Exhibit 1:

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Not convinced?

Exhibit 2:

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You need more persuading?

Brace yourselves for exhibit 3:

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I rest my case. Plus it is a know fact that gingers will steal your heart ;-)

The perks of having a personal blog: you can lust after your favorite actors and have no one b**** about it!


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