Thursday, 20 September 2012

Autumn fashion in transition

There is a word 'style' in the title of this blog, did you think I was going to let you off easy on that one? I made a quick snap of my favorite scarf that is getting plenty of wear these days as the weather is getting chilly and I need more layers, especially in the morning.

I love the gray and those rusty nuances combined with gold accents make it a warm and cold combination all at once and it complement my skin tone. It's very soft, a nice cotton blend, so it will get a lot of wear. My little owl earring is pictured also as I really like the quirky accessorizing and I'm bang on trend with the animal theme, right?

Next up is a new purchase - a Ralph Lauren long-sleeved tee, all striped and navy and with a nice detail on one of the sleeves - I could not resist getting it.

I'm not big on brands etc., but the quality of this one is awesome.

Will post pictures of me wearing it once I get round to it.



p.s. also, I need to figure out why blogger keeps messing with my pictures?!?!

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