Friday, 16 August 2013


It's my birthday! Yaaay me! I'm 33! And I like it! It's a glorious day, sunny and warm, not too hot, I've been woken up by my Darling Daughter with kisses and best wishes, I've made a ginormous cake, chocolate of course, I am going to spend most of the day in the office but it's ok, I'm fine with that, because I'll make up for it tonight (Beer Fest, r'n'r music and dust) and tomorrow (with the girls). And on Sunday there will be a big family lunch, more cake, everything befitting a proper birthday bash! Today nothing dampens my spirits, I am happy, I feel loved and I love myself, life and the world!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Melting Point

IT"S SO HOT TODAY! A hot wind is blowing, my skin is sweaty and sticky since the moment I stepped out of the house this morning and it's not a good day to be doing anything actually. I feel like going home, slumping on the bed nearly naked and reading . . . maybe . . . or just sleeping . . . Of all days I've chose today for wearing another pair of high-heeled wedges, although I forgot how pleasantly comfortable are these. Exhibit 1 below:

You don't see the high heel but it IS high believe you me! At least my legs look better in high heels, a bonus no woman will ever give up lightly. Despite the pain . . .

I rummaged through sales racks in both Zara and Mango. Nothing spectacular or worth spending on. I'm not impressed really and I'm not that prone to parting with the hard earned cash for something I find merely tolerable. That prompted me to start thinking of what I have in my wardrobe, what can be worn this coming autumn/winter and what is past its due date. This will help me focus on what I really need to fill the gaps.

(it's good to talk to yourself like this every once in a while, helps keeping the wallet from seeing sun light too often and the bank balance stays in the pink!)

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Here is the smartest, most to the point, eye-opener of a text that I have read ever on the subject of women and 'having it all'. A painful, realistic picture of society at large and our place in it. I had to share, I hope someone else also finds it useful.