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As I wrote in my first blog post all those years ago (2012 - seems like it happened in another life, the emotional distance is greater than the actual, real-life one), this blog is a journal of my thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects, ranging from trivial - shoe lust, e.g. - to what is important for me - finding answers to how managing one's life as a working mother of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister can actually lead to peace, contentment and serenity as opposed to hell breaking loose all the time. 
I write in English, although it is not my mother tongue. I, however, have a major in English language and literature, I work in an international environment and have been using English every day for a number of years. It's become second nature to me, I dream in English from time to time, so that's why this blog is English inclined.
I have no clear plan for a particular type(s) of blog posts that you would be able to find here. I'll write about what's going on inside. There will be pictures, for entertainment purposes of course. A hot guy occasionally, just for fun. And I don't promise much more.
I hope at some point someone decides the writing elicits a question or two and posts a comment. I'll be waiting patiently for that!

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