Friday, 7 December 2012

United Nude Shoes

For ages I've been an avid fan of United Nude shoes. Just look at these beauties:


Gorgeous color combination, I can just see myself walking down the cobbled streets of Dorcol in the heat of the summer in these and feeling all bold and ready to get on top of the world!


These babies are just plain dangerous!


I am seriously considering getting at least these black pumps - they seem like shoes that could be worn every day all day, morning to evening, with anything.


THE perfect bootie! There is the same pair in brown tones as well.

It so happens that I know a very special and smart lady that is in charge of their import, wholesale and retail in what the rest of the world now commonly refers to as the Western Balkans. Their stuff is awesome, the shoes are a work of art and you can browse more of their offer and outlet/discount prices here:

Disclaimer: views expressed here are all my own, I was not in any way compensated by the owner of Lili Jolie to write about their shoes. Just so that we're square on that ;-)

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