Monday, 31 December 2012

And before we really sign off in 2012 . . .

I couldn't end this year without showing some hot guys here! Hey, it's not a blog about world peace as Faux Fuchsia always says!

Feast your eyes on this!

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The two hot guys are actually a cello playing duo from Croatia who sky rocketed to fame this year after their cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal became a YouTube sensation. They had their first Belgrade concert on Friday in Sava Centar and the hubby and me enjoyed ourselves immensely for an hour and a half of their phenomenal music! They make two cellos and a set of drums sound like a whole band and their covers of U2, Coldplay, AC/DC, etc. are amazing. It certainly helps that they are easy on the eyes as well!

This one is my favorite:

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