Friday, 17 July 2015

Bling Bling

With the impending return to the coalface and the daily grind, my mind inevitably turns to wardrobe issues. I have to switch gears and go from playground mommy with cute but often smeared outfits (courtesy of my very own baby:) to office appropriate. And it will not be easy, but I won't lie - I will enjoy it! I like my play clothes primarily for their comfort, but there is only so much of the sneaker/jeans or shorts/birks combinations a girl can stand.
Apart from the actual outfits (which merit a post or two of their own), I find myself fretting over the jewelry section of my not-so-large wardrobe. It has grown, considerably, over the past few years. Some additions more valuable and pricey than others, mostly costume jewelry pieces though and many gifts from the hubby and friends. The emotional value of these pieces is what makes it so difficult for me to try and downsize some so that the whole collection is more manageable and that it allows me easy access and decision-making in the morning rush. 
I've cracked the problem somewhat before the baby girl arrived last fall. Knowing that for months I will be mostly house-trapped and surgically attached to the little one, I culled both my wardrobe and my bling leaving only those easy pieces that I knew would come into play for that instant pulled together look on the odd occasion that would see me leave home and look presentable someplace. The rest of the bling is neatly stashed on the highest shelf of my wardrobe patiently awaiting resurrection from the box.

Most of the things I selected as go-to items for the first year of the baby's life that I'm spending on maternity leave actually got worn, though some more than others. Exhibit A - this cocktail ring which I received as a birthday present last year from my best friend. It's a unique piece from blown glass made in Italy and I find it so special yet so versatile and matching almost everything in my wardrobe. I like a good sized cocktail ring - I have long fingers and nice-looking hands (still) so I don't shy away from showing them off. This is a keeper for my back-to-work combinations for sure.

This charm bracelet was also a last-year birthday gift from a dear friend and it made the cut in many combinations. Although it primarily feels like a summer piece, jangling away with beads and charms, it also has that edgy, leather/metal combination look that got me to wear it during colder months as well. The orange/tobacco colorway helps as well as it goes with most items in my wardrobe.

Desigual bracelets! OMG! The hubby recently visited Barcelona on business and, as requested, he came back with Desigual dresses for me and my elder daughter, however, the store threw in a surprise with the purchase so I received a trio of bracelets as an extra. There is the thinnest, lilac one missing, but it just does not get as much wear as these two. They fit well at a certain point on my forearms and don't come down clanking and banging onto stuff as I wear them, which I find a nuisance especially when I'm seated at a desk or typing at the computer. They get worn almost daily and I love them!

This bracelet was also a random present from the same friend who brought me the cocktail ring from Italy (what can I say, she's a gem ;) and I love it! It's made of recycled bicycle parts (that's what I gathered anyway) and is so edgy and cool that I ended up wearing it more often than I initially thought I would. Keeping it in the work wardrobe though - I'm not sure. This is the summeriest and most casual of all these pieces so I think it will be relegated to the box, waiting for the next spring/summer season.

And this is just the tip, TIP, of the iceberg!!! How about earrings, more cocktail rings, statement necklaces, more bracelets?!?!?! Just thinking about the amount of stuff makes me feel overwhelmed and craving a lemonade break. I already gave up a considerable chunk of it a few years ago to my younger cousins, but it just made a small dent in the accumulated heap. 
I have to strategize and tackle the bull by the proverbial horns. Obviously, anything valuable and of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum) remains, safely tucked away until appropriate occasion for donning our finest presents itself. This includes a platinum/pearl choker, a Swarowski set that I wore on my wedding and a special golden bracelet I received for my wedding as well. The white and black pearl necklace that was a present from the hubby also falls into this category, somewhat, although I'm going to go crazy, get it out in the open and try to wear it as much as possible. 
I have about 7-10 pairs of favorite earrings which I need to store better so that I can have easy access and quickly decide on a combo de jour. I think it is this category that will undergo the biggest overhaul and have most of the items removed/passed along/stored away.
Pretty much the same goes for the bracelets. I hope to pass more along to the young cousins as I find myself drawn towards chunkier, more statement piece stuff than thin, stackable bands, so I want to get rid of most of these. I'll keep my silver favorites though. Speaking of silver, I have lots of pieces that need cleaning and after discovering this on-line how to I feel confident enough to try and clean them on my own. Wish me luck!
Necklaces.... Oh my! These deserve a post of their own. I like 'em all - long and thin, statement, chunky ones, chokers, roaring twenties styles, organic, wooden beads, I love 'em all!!! This will be the toughest category to cull. Also, it will be the toughest to sort and display properly so that it does not make me go through several tin boxes like a woman possessed in search of the one I dreamed about last night and decided it matched my sentiment of the day best. I'll have to employ hubby's DIY skills in order to make it work with the space I have available. 
Another direction this sort out is going to take is also a seasonal approach - I'll select pieces that will take me through autumn into winter and tuck away the ones I find are more appropriate for spring and summer months. I know this is not according to the KonMari method, but it will have to do for now! After I've done this first step, I can maybe turn to the eternal 'does this bring me joy?' question that is supposed to simplify my life...

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