Friday, 12 July 2013

Breathing Earth

I was profoundly touched by a documentary my husband and me watched this week at the Belgrade's Summer Festival (BELEF). Directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, it portrays the genius of Susumu Shingu, a Japanese artist creating magnificent sculptures replicating the movement in nature, primarily that of wind and water. His philosophy of life is so simple yet so hard to achieve for the mere mortals living off a paycheck and worrying about mundane occurrences such as bank loans and bills. What struck me the most about this remarkable man is the youthfulness of his spirit - he is 75 and yet his eyes and his smile are that of a young boy, exploring the world with the same curiosity of spirit and freedom of thought and dreams found mainly in children. The documentary is full of poignant, breath-taking photography and Mr. Shingu's unique wisdom, well worth investing 92 minutes!

Susumu Shuingu's sculpture at Hermes, Tokyio

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