Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Five

Five things on a glorious Friday like today that tickle my fancy:

1. Fantastick wall stickers and this fabulous heart tree that I got for my daughter's new room:

She loves it, it takes a bit of time to get it up properly and stick it to the wall without any small bubbles of air or creases but it's well worth the effort!

2. Ben Howard, 'The Fear':

Magnificent voice, great poetry, have been listening on repeat since yesterday . . .

3. Vedrana Rudan, 'U zemlji krvi i idiota' (In the land of Blood and Idiots):

This Croatian author, blogger, thought-provoker, woman, wife, lover, mother, granny can be summed up in one word - genius! Her writing is so sharp, funny, so to the point it leaves me short of breath by the pure virtue of the truths of life she conveys through her texts. I'm savoring this collection of her best blog entries one at a time as overdosing on her brilliant mind can be dangerous ;-)

4. Blooms in unexpected places, or spring incarcerated:

5. decor8 - the best interior decor blog on the web in my humble opinion. The esthetic of places shown, images conveyed, DIY ideas and colors is amazing as you can see below:

A word of caution: once you start browsing through this blog you cannot stop that easily so make sure you have plenty of time ahead of you and dive in ;-)

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