Wednesday, 27 March 2013

By Popular Request

What better reason to break off this almost two-months long silence than to cater to a request from my best friend.

Her brother's wedding is coming up, there is a skin-tight LBD secured, what is left is the shoes.

They have to be killer shoes and they have to be manufactured by the local shoe company/brand LILU. Not an easy task as the winter collection is still in stores and spring is nowhere to be seen - it's been snowing in Belgrade for the past few days.

I thought of suggesting a red pair along the lines of these below:

A beautiful warm red, would break the black beautifully, but . . . The heel is not high enough!

Then I spied with my little eye a pair of animal print ones, a slightly higher heel, round toe, see below:
Not bad but still something missing, the wow factor is just not there.

And then this morning, the mother of all killer shoes shows up on LILU's facebook page:

It's black, I know, it does not break the LBD with a splash of color, but I suggest, my dear, you use other accessories for that. This is a perfect sexy shoe for a perfect sexy lady you are! The heel, the pattern, the pointy toe, I can see you in them and I can see how putting them on and walking tall with those long slim legs of yours could be so empowering! You're one hot lady, embrace it, own it and show it to the world!

Case closed, the jury is out - I'll let you know about the verdict ;-)

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